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Strategic Branding: Your company's most valuable asset.

For a company to truly succeed, it first needs to understand where it fits in the marketplace, how it shines against competitors and be able to connect with and 'speak to' specific ICPs/target customers on a 'human' level. A brand identity (logo, typography, colors, graphics) comes as a result of strategy... Brand strategy guides the formation of a brand identity that achieves impact, one that resonates with customers for years to come.

At H2 Creative & Communications, we want to make powerful brand-building accessible for startups and SMBs, not just larger corporations with big budgets. Check out our intensives and packages below, and let's get started!

Strategic Direction

We conduct brand workshops, in-depth market research and competitive intelligence to conduct strategic direction for your brand to answer questions such as:

What does your brand stand for? What is your company's 'Why?' How do you compare against competitors? Who are your ICPs/target and how can your brand be positioned as the 'go-to' leader that they turn to? We answer these questions and more, and lay it all out in a brand book that you can refer to now and as your brand equity grows.

Strategic Expression

As a result of the strategic direction, we will capture your brand's essence by creating a name for your brand (if requested), messaging and storytelling, logo and other visual brand aspects, including color and design elements, typography and social media visual design. Please refer to the "Identity Intensive" below for specifics and pricing.

We create impactful brand identities and digital experiences that are centered on strategy.

The "Ultimate"

The Complete Brand Package:
Brand Strategy, Messaging & Identity

Especially within our current competitive client and economic conditions, it is crucial to really be able to understand your customers, have the messaging that speaks to them, and gain a competitive edge with a brand that positions you as the clear leader- one that stays true to who you are and what you stand for... This IS possible, and within 30 days!

In this 30-day intensive, our lead Brand Strategist and Creative Director-Heather, will conduct thorough market and competitive research, a strategic brand workshop, and work with you to create an authentic brand with impact. You'll gain strategic direction, and deliverables to help guide you and your team forward, including a brand guide and a visual identity (branded WordPress website not included, but can be added at a special discounted rate with this package) that flows from the brand strategy. As this is an 'intensive,' and work is completed within 30 days, SPOTS ARE EXTREMELY LIMITED.

Book a Consult for Package Pricing. Spots are Limited Each Month!

Core Brand Values & Positioning

Step 1

Understand the market, your audience & clarify what your brand stands for. 

We'll clarify your vision, mission, purpose and position your brand to shine against competitors with a clear differentiation strategy based on competitive, market and audience research.

Brand Voice, Storytelling, Messaging Framework, Tagline

Step 2

Communicate your brand and speak your target/ICPs "language." 

Uncover your brand's unique personality and gain a storytelling and messaging framework that helps you and your team to know what to say to truly resonate with stakeholders and how to say it. In addition to the tagline, you'll have messaging to guide your website copy, social and more.

Visual Identity: Logo, Style, Colors, Typography

Step 3

Insights from the comprehensive strategy and moodboard culminate into a logo, visual style and typography that represent your unique brand.

A Style Guide is included as part of the Brand Guide in the "Ultimate" package, as well as 2 unique versions of logos with the final logo version delivered in AI, PNG and JPG for both dark and light backgrounds.

Client Love!

Spots are Extremely Limited!
Book a Consultation Today to Reserve Your 30-Day Brand Intensive.

In this consultation, we will go over your brand goals and vision and I'll answer any questions you may have, as well as go over the steps, brand workshop and your homework. If you're ready to have an impactful brand within 30 days, simply sign the Services Agreement and pay the 50% deposit, and we will start building your brand strategy (and then identity)!